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Жена записывает встречу с Tinder-незнакомцем

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Опубликовано gufuth
5 дней назад
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Yeah this guy needs to shut the fuck up and fuck her. I do however like the real amateur and unfortunately sometimes it is like this, so it is nice that it's real.
13 ч. назад
Like how they record the entire session...from warming up to fucking to cumming; not just fucking. Her wetness in the beginning reminds me of my wife when her flood gates open. Her sloshing sound is such a turn on for me as my cock thrusts in and out. Only caveat I would’ve done is a lot of deep kissing and spending a lot of time licking and sucking her pussy. Good job you two!!!
1 день назад
so good
3 дня назад
who talks so much when there is fucking to be done
3 дня назад