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THE BARN (A Lesbian Tale) Madeleine hadn’t seen Roberta in years, many years. She parked her car in the driveway of her mother’s house. It would take awhile for her to call it HER house. Her mother had died and left her the house, since there were no other c***dren. She was happy to see that the barn was still standing a hundred feet behind the large brick house surrounded by a veranda. Roberta was sitting on the stairs to the front door. At least Madeleine assumed it was Roberta. The real estate agent had told Madeleine that a woman she had known would be greeting her. She was too far away to… Читать далее

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A Social Theory: The Black New World Order

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A Social Theory White boys are becoming cuckolds at record rates because of deep seeded interracial porn addiction developed during the digital age. Their entire basis of sexuality is continuously watching African men fuck young and fertile white women, and rarely if ever actively participating. Because of this repetitive portrayal driven by every form of media, the cuckold phenomenon will become even more pervasive for the generation that has come of age and become sexually aware growing up with unprecedented access to the newer and more sophisticated mobile phones in addition to tabl… Читать далее

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A High-school Trip Abroad - Part 2

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THE BOYS LEARNED A LOT, ESPECIALLY ABOUT EACH OTHER. It was lovely waking up in the arms of the Italian stallion. Theodore, or as his friends called him Big-T, awoke first. The sting of sweat and cum still hung in the room. As if the nice hotel room was nothing but a nasty boy's locker room. The first night with his bunkmate had turned into a full-on fuck-fest. Edward, or Eddy to his new mate, was blissfully unaware that T-bone - as he came to call Theo after getting boned by him - watched him with a dirty grin. Eddy… Читать далее

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I Belong To The Band


I hope and pray that writing this down will help, getting it on paper will keep me from going out tonight and finding those three bitches. I haven't been able to think about anything else all week, haven't done any school work, can't pay attention in class. I do try to forget, (don't think of pink elephants) I just can’t, I get a hard on and run back to my room and jerk off. Maybe if I can see it all down on the page, really see how sick it is, how totally fucked up, maybe I can stop being turned on by it. I know where their gig is tonight. but I can’t go, no way, otherwise I'm doomed. How d… Читать далее

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CD Rebeca Vegas Play Pt 6 (Binge Pt 4)

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CD Rebeca Vegas Play Pt 6 (Binge Pt 4) This story continues the first night and into the second day of my first major sex-binge in Vegas. I'm 19 and finding my way into hot sex on what one reader called an "industrial scale" - Thanks, I love it! I encourage you to read all of my stories, but these Vegas Play stories are really hot and present a younger portion of my experiences and really show why I am such a slut. Message me if you want, and always comment- Thanks!! Vegas Sex Binge Pt 4 The Latina's Mommy-tits jiggled as she came in my mouth and shot her head back and slammed her head int… Читать далее

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my servant

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When i was like 14 my mom had an accident and broke her leg . Because it was hard for her to move around we had to hire a servant to look after her, the servant was an extreamly attractive young lady in her 30s who had the sweetest smile i ever saw. She not only looked after my mom but also me. Every day when i came home after school she would open the door and greet me with the warmest smile. She would always wear a blouse and a skirt and sometimes i would glimse at her tight body and wonder what she looked like without clothes. One day i was alone as my mother had gone to the doctors for a… Читать далее

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Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure Letter

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Introduction: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, also known as Fanny Hill is a novel by John Cleland. Written in 1749, it is considered the first erotic novel, and has became a byword for the battle of censorship of erotica. Fanny's story, as she falls into prostitution and then rises to respectability, takes the form of a confession that is coloured by copious and explicit physiological details of her carnal adventures. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, dairies and note… Читать далее

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530 reverse cuckold or what?

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530 reverse cuckold or what? It was just 18 months into the marriage, the initial screw everywhere fun was beginning to wane, and there was no sign of the pregnancy Norma so was supposed to so desperately `crave’. Though that was a con, her being on the pill! Not that they had not tried hard of course but she knew in her heart why she had married him was not to breed with him as he was too dim to father any c***d of hers! The `him’ in this case being Richard Mountjoy, son of the local squire, his `Daddy’ and manager of the estate. It was not for nothing he, the Earls son was known, in his wid… Читать далее

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Cucking My Best Friend

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I had my first experience as a bull when I was a teen (18 years old). That is a whole other story than the one I want to relate here. It's just to give some context. I have a large cock 9" long and very thick. Most women and some men cannot get their hands around it. I had developed something of a reputation with the girls at school. An acquaintance of my parents had heard some girls talking in the locker room at the country club we belonged to. I had been with both. One had only jerked me off, the other I had fucked. In any case, she was intrigued and ended up seducing me. The first time we h… Читать далее

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Fat Assed Fatima

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Fatima Zahra is a hijabi wife, teacher and a mother of 2 k**s, however, this is just the start of who this Indian bitch is since she is the above only when her husband is around. Her other side is a wild, sex-crazy MILF with a massive, seat-swallowing ass that covered 2 guys when she sat on their knees during orgies at the school she worked in. Fatima's size attracted many as her figure-hugging abaya gave onlookers a great view. The Indian MILF wife was always jumping from dick to dick after her marriage; she even had her own website where she did many scenes: mostly interracial. Her fair, No… Читать далее

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First Gang Bang

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I've been married for twenty years now. We're very happy together. My wife, Lauren, is forty-two. She has auburn hair, a curvy body and huge breasts. She has a little belly now, adorned with beautiful stretch marks. They're kind of decorations that remind me of when she was pregnant. Pregnant sex was always a special interest of mine. Neither of us believe that women should shave; hair adds interest to a woman's body. Lauren's body is definitely interesting. I notice young guys looking at her whenever we go out. I'm not sure if she notices them but I sometimes think about her with another ma… Читать далее

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Cindi and I were finishing our packing and I could tell she was getting as excited (even more than I was) for our trip. We were making a trip to see my old college roommate at his beach condo. This trip was going to be a little different though. We have visited many times before and a few years earlier we had started having threesomes with Tom, Cindi and me. It was something we had all enjoyed several times but Cindi and I had always fantasized about a gangbang and this trip we were going to make it happen. It was only about a two hour drive and we had a lot of fun travelling, as always. On… Читать далее

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Tara Talks About Fucking Robert


[ For Tara, and Robert as well...,but mostly for Tara, and other… Читать далее

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"Pappy" Cums to Visit

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We had just arrived in the States, from a tour in Germany. I had only six months remaining in my career, as I was being given a Medical Discharge. Most of my time would be used to be given physicals, and other examinations. I had been assigned, for pay purposes, to a small unit on the Post. I was carried as the TAMMS (The Army Maintenance Management System) NCO, and Asst. Motor Sergeant. I would insure that all the logbooks and other historical maintenance records were in order, and help out when the Motor Sergeant, an NCO that was junior to me, was busy. One of the mechanics, a man known as… Читать далее

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The gym

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Another chapter from my book The Hotwife and the Professor. It is available on Amazon and Kindle in Ereader and paperback formats under my pen name Raul Montana. Quinn woke up, stretched, and looked over at the spot Oliver would occupy in the bed. It was currently occupied by their two cats. It was Wednesday morning, and Oliver wouldn't be home until late Friday. She gets out of bed slips on her favorite tee shirt and a pair of exercise pants. Before going downstairs to drink coffee and check her email. After a cup of coffee and endless meaningless emails. She decides to stop procrastinating… Читать далее

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School Dance

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Another chapter from my book Tales of Ginger and Quinn. Available on Amazon and Kindle in Ereader and paperback format. Under my pen name Raul Montana The first day of school is always special, but today is extra special because this is the first day of Quinn's freshman year. Although the town is small, the high school is not. It is a regional school, so students from miles away come there. This does add to ethnic diversity. However, the school is still mostly white, primarily a rural farming area. The next largest group is Hispanic, and very few black students. One caught Quinn's eye. His n… Читать далее

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New Apartment

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Another chapter from my hot selling Book Hotwife Chronicles. Available now on Amazon and Kindle for Ereader an paperback. Under my pen name Raul Montana Janine and Fred had recently moved into an apartment complex in Florida. The apartments were excellent, and the complex included a beautiful pool and exercise facility. One afternoon Janine was tanning by the pool while a group of high school boys was swimming. She pretended not to notice when the boys would glance her way to check her out. Janine rolled to her stomach while facing the pool. She then reached behind and undid the clasp to her… Читать далее

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Turned into a Slut for BBC PT5

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The only response I heard from Jerome after I posted the video of myself online was a simple text message that said, "Good job slut." I replied thanking him for his approval, but then got no further reply. In fact I didn't hear from him for the rest of the day. I was left somewhat dangling on my in my wonder as too what I was to do next to please him. It was agony not getting immediate feedback, or further instructions. We hadn't even planned our next meeting. However I couldn't stress the issue for very long as my family would be coming home from their normal days soon meaning I needed to ge… Читать далее

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Matthew's search for love- part 1-introductio

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Matthew is 30 years old male, which doesn’t have any lady at the moment, all previous relationships failed miserably. Main reason was his cock size, which is 23cm long and 6cm in diameter. He contacted new date agency which has alternative way of doing dates and he has an interview today at 5pm. As he comes there, young lady greets him. “Welcome and have a seat here on this leather chair. I’m miss l****a and will guide through this. My agency is quite new one, about 1 month old, and we check everything what could have been wrong, but we don’t call it that way, they are just lessons in life tha… Читать далее

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Summer holiday at my mother in law house

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On summer always we went to visit her mother she was an attractive woman in her early 50, she lived at the island of Samos she was a widow her hupand pass 6 years ago One summer night I was making love to my wife, the bedrooms were in the upper floor and had adjoining balcony, it was a hot night and we left the balcony door wide open, as we were making love I notice a shadow at the balcony door it was my mother in law watching us, I was on my back and my wife was sucking my cock, I did not say anything and we continued, soon we changed positions and was sucking her wet pussy, soon she came bi… Читать далее

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